The Technical Committee

The Technical Committee (TC) has the objective to provide optimum guidance and to meet the volleyball needs of the members. Each member should be able to play with pleasure at his/her own level. In addition, the TC wants to continuously monitor and promote the volleyball qualities within the entire club. A distinction is made between the following groups:
- Mini’s
- Youth
- Seniors
- Recreational players

Just like before, this year we work in the youth department with special additional lessons for talented boys and girls. They are invited to join the so-called "lijnteams". These are teams that contain talents (or talents in the making), who receive extra training to further develop their talent quickly.

The Technical Committee has a number of members who are the point of contact for the teams.

For the seniors:
Men 1 - Vacancy
Men 2 - Vacancy
Men 3 - Jack Zwemmer
Women 1 - Jack Zwemmer
Women 2 - Wik ten Holt
Women 3 - Vacancy
Mail address Technical Committee seniors:
For the juniors, the contact persons are per team:
Girls A1 - Eric Booltink/Marc van Esch
Girls A1 - Eric Booltink/Marc van Esch
Girls B1 - Eric Booltink/Marc van Esch
Girls B2 - Eric Booltink/Marc van Esch
Girls B3 - Eric Booltink/Marc van Esch
Girls B4 - Eric Booltink/Marc van Esch
Girls C1 - Eric Booltink/Marc van Esch
Girls C2 - Eric Booltink/Marc van Esch
Jongens A1 - Marije Faber
Jongens A2 - Marije Faber
Jongens C1 - Marije Faber
Mailadres Jeugdcommissie:
Rob Meijer and "vacancy" are the committee members for the Mini's.
Mail address Mini Committee:
Jaco de Boer (Tuesday) and Adri van Mourik (Monday) are the contact persons for recreational players.
Mail address Recreational:
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