Become a member now or start with 3 trial practices?

Great that you are interested in becoming a member of our club!

If you want to become a member now, proceed below to "Apply as a member". Another possibility is, that you first would like to have 3 trial lessons (="proeflessen"). At the bottom of the page you can cancel your membership.

You can take 3 trial lessons with us before you sign up permanently. If you want to make use of this, please send an email to and fill in the details that are requested in the email. Do not fill out the registration form yet, because then you will receive a bill for the membership fee!

Based on your information, we will assess with which trainer you can train best. We try to invite you within a week for the training that seems to best fit you. If you like it from both sides then the trainer will ask you after 3 training sessions to fill out the application form to become a member (see below).

We would like to give you some more information so you have a smooth start in our club. Please read the documents below.

If you agree to it, fill out the Application Form and send it to us with a picture (for the player's card if you want to play competition).

In the application form you have to fill in what kind of task you or your parent(s) want to perform for the club. We run the club together. This means that your team gets certain duties that you have to perform so that the other members can play well. Of course, others will also make sure that you can play well. Performing the tasks is very important to us!

After your application, someone from the club will contact you to discuss the execution of the task you have indicated.

Participation in the competition is subject to there being a place for you in a team (but we would like to have new members, so we will do our very best for that).

Cancellation of your membership
It may happen that for whatever reason you have to cancel your membership. Cancellation must be done before the end of the season, i.e. June 30 by a letter or even better by mail to cancel to
Your request for cancellation will be processed if and when any outstanding invoices have been settled. In case of any doubt please contact our treasurer by mail at
We do our best to send you a confirmation of the cancellation within one week.
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