Referees committee

Who’s turn it is to be a referee per team will be announced in the most recent News Letter and on the respective team pages.

The playing rules for Topdivisie an lower levels (which is our level) are published on the website of the NeVoBo (Dutch)

If you have any questions, please contact the referees committee via Hans Vinken (

Digitale Wedstrijd Formulier DWF

The DWF (digital competition form) has been made mandatory by Nevobo.

If you are a captian of a team or a referee you can enter the needed information on a smartphone, tablet or computer. You can do this in advance, during or after the match. The best 4G and wifi signal in the Nieuwe Bankras Hal is at the entrance.

To use this form you need an account to login. If you don't have an account please request one using this link: You need your "relatiecode" that is on your playerscard.

After you have logged in on the DWF site and all goes well, you can see your own team for this season and who the captain is. This data has been entered by the Technical Committees (Senior / Junior). If the data is incorrect, you can contact them to correct it.

There are two options for reporting the scoring: keep a record of each point or enter the result per set. We only use the second option.

We advise referees to keep a record of the final scores of each set during a match on a piece of paper. To avoid any discussions, it is also advisable to write down the team line-up and any substitutions.

More info: DWF Resultaat invoeren (Dutch manual).