Summary of Duties

The home matches of the competition 2022-2023 are being played in the Nieuwe Bankrashal, Amstelveen.

The club plays it home matches in the Nieuwe Bankrashal (occasionally in the Meerkamp): see "Locations".

With home matches, it is important to keep the matches running smoothly. That is why the teams playing the first round are expected to build up the fields. The teams that play the final round, clear away the sporting materials.

A scheme has been drafted to divide the tasks properly. Have a look at it at page "Scheme for hall-, referee- and bar-duties". The division of tasks is also mentioned on each team page.

Note: With youth teams it is useful if the parents help with this. The posts are quite heavy for children to lift and move themselves.

What is the field layout?
There are two options: 3 or 4 fields.

What needs to be done with making the sports fields ready for play?
• Remove caps from the floor with a "plopper" in the cupboard in the material storage room
• Place the poles in the holes in the floor
• Hang up the net. To measure the height properly, there is a ruler on the cupboards

In the Nieuwe Bankrashal the AMVJ-Martinus-kasten are in the material storage room near the middle field, immediately to the right against the wall.

In the middle cupboard are the clipboards, pens, a plopper (a tool to remove the caps from the floor), a whistle and a ball pump. There is also a spare plopper in the ball cart. The ruler stands between the wall and the left closet.

What is the key procedure?
In the material shed on the outside of our cabinet there is a key box (with a code) in which the keys of the ball carts, material cupboard and alcolholholdispenser are stored.

Keys must be returned immediately to the key cabinet because the keys are not needed at the end of the matches.

What should happen when clearing away the sporting materials?
• Ensure that the teams neatly clear away the poles, the net and the balls and place the caps on the holes in the floor.
• The cupboards must be locked again
• The ball cart must be locked again
• When leaving the hall as the last person, switch on the alarm and close the outside doors.