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New guidelines for the Mini's

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The latest guidelines regarding Corona state that spectators are no longer allowed to be present at matches and training sessions. Moreover, the sports canteens are closed.

This means that for the mini-trainings on Wednesday from 17:00 to 18:30 hours in the Nieuwe Bankrashal:

  • Spectators ( parents/caretakers) are in principle no longer allowed to enter the Nieuwe Bankrashal.
  • Only the children, trainers and officials of AMVJ-Martinus (e.g. mini coordinators) may enter the Nieuwe Bankrashal.
  • The parents/caretakers make sure that the children have their volleyball clothes and shoes on before they enter the hall!
  • The children will be taken care of by the trainer and/or mini coordinator in the hall at 17:00 at the front door. And go from here to the sports hall.
  • During the training the parents/caretakers will wait outside the Nieuwe Bankrashal.
  • At 18:30 the children will gather in the hall at the front door and the trainer/minicoordinator will see to it that the children will be taken care of by the parents/caretakers outside.
  • If for medical or other urgent reasons a parent has to be present with the child, the parent/caretaker is allowed to enter the New Bankrashal.
  • Try as much as possible to e-mail questions to trainers/mini-coordinators.
  • Of course we do have to take care of new members and their parents/caretakers will be addressed in the hall at the front door.
  • Most important rule remains: keep 1.5 meters distance and use your common sense!

The rules of the CMV tournaments have not yet been adapted to the senew corona rules. The next tournament is not until October 31st and there may be other guidelines then.

Unfortunately we had to make this decisions, also on behalf of the board, and hope for your understanding.

With kind regards,

Rinze Hogeterp (06-3945 8647) andn Petra van der Meulen (06-5263 7768)

Minicoördinatoren AMVJ-Martinus

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