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Customized corona measures and volleyball

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Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge's press conference on 28 September makes it clear that we all need to act now to curb the spread of the coronavirus. This does NOT mean that we have to stop playing volleyball. In fact, we have to make sure that this remains possible!

Volleyball is allowed, but within the limitations that exist. For the next three weeks this means a.o.:

  • Register via the QR code upon entry into the Nieuwe Bankrashal. We are obliged to do this health check.
  • We do not allow spectators in competitions and training sessions. At a training and a home game, a parent is seen as a spectator. The parent is not allowed to keep watching.
  • In an away match, the required driving parent does not count as an audience, but is part of the team staff. It is allowed to watch the match. So the parents/drivers of youth teams who visit us, are seen as team staff and are allowed to watch the matches.
  • This also means that teams that have finished playing volleyball leave the hall immediately.
  • We close our sports canteen. Initially 3 weeks, but longer if necessary.

For everyone: stay at home in case of mild complaints! Be alert to how you deal with yelling, singing and keeping the 1.5 meter during training sessions and competitions. Stick to these rules and address other parents when tresspassing. Limiting the spread of the coronavirus is a responsibility of all of us. So together let's make sure we can keep playing volleyball!

We will further investigate what the measures mean for us as a club. You will hear more about that soon. So keep an eye on the website.

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