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Heren 3 bijna kampioen!

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After the match of 8 March, the championship AMVJ-Martinus Heren 3 can't miss a thing. The relegation last season was felt to be a bit unnecessary. The bigger was the ambition to return to the third class. This team with some senior players and especially young volleyball players who only had some years of competition experience, is still learning new things. All training work and competition experience now seems to be bearing fruit.

In the fourth class A only 6 teams play. To get enough matches, a double competition is played (so 20 matches per team). After 16 rounds of play, Heren 3 is gloriously at the top (despite one time maximum points deduction for accidentally placing a non-legitimate player), while the number 2 has a deficit of 15 points. With 4 games left to go where per game 5 points can be earned, the course has not yet completely been run. Monday evening 11 March at 19:00 hours is the next home game. Now against the number 3 in the ranking. The other (theoretical?) champion candidate plays at the same time. If Heren 3 wins 4-0 and rival Eerste Vat Dag H1 leaves even one set behind, Heren 3 is the champion.

So just to be sure, book the evening of 8 April 2019 if Heren 3 will be celebrating the championship after the last home game of the season at 20:45 in the Nieuwe Bankrashal (unless of course the impossible still happens, but we are not Real Madrid :-).

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