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After the merger of a few years ago, the different structures have been properly adapted to each other and we can safely say that a new association is emerging which has the best elements of both associations. Now it's time to continue.
This beautiful volleyball club is currently run by a group of volunteers. And they do that with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. But it is also clear that there are tasks that can not or can not be performed sufficiently.

Is it so bad with the association? Well no, but things can be better and that will contribute to an increase in the fun and hopefully also the performance.

That is why a few former presidents of AMVJ and Martinus picked up the glove and offered their help to the board. The goal is to work on plans and even more structure and above all help recruiting volunteers to implement them.

That is why we would like to encourage members and parents of members to join (English) to make more fun (English: joy) by organizing things better. SHORT ACTION ENJOYN!


What have we done so far

In September, a list of possible action points has already been made. That was the starting point for the working group. That list is structured and priorities are given.
In addition, we looked at the strengths and weaknesses of our association. As said, it came to the fore that many things are already going well. But also that we still have things to improve or even opportunities that we should not ignore.

What is going to happen

Elsewhere in this newsletter you will be presented to Frans Verweij, a third former chairman who wants to deliver his contribution. Together with some other members who have offered their help, he will make contact with the members and parents of members to look together to see how the tasks that are to be fulfilled can be fulfilled.
In addition, there is a concrete proposal to give a start-up course to (parents of) members of our association in the short term to learn the basics of coaching and training.

What now

We have in mind that we are working on the most important matters for about 6-12 months. Then the first results must be visible. Concretely, this means that at least we have more volunteers and that most urgent tasks are taken up. In the meantime we are working on a plan to fit this into the association AMVJ-Martinus in the right way in the future.


We have given the initial impetus and continue to do so, but we count on all members to contribute to our association.

More information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Matthy Huijbers, Frans Verweij and Björn Ottenhof

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