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Interim report of the Youth Department

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Our youth section once again

had to deal with a huge increase in new members since September.

Obviously, we are very pleased about this. But this has also presented us with some practical challenges, which we had to deal with and solve during the first half of this season:

How are you going to train with groups of sometimes 16 players on one field?
How do you ensure that the new entrants can also be integrated into the existing teams as quickly as possible?
How do you ensure that both new and existing members are satisfied with their playing time during matches.

Fortunately, with the efforts of our trainers, finding a few buddies for the really large groups, our coaches, parents and last but not least our Ladies 1 team (who have 'cleared' an extra field for our C-youth and in addition, have stepped in as enthusiastic trainers), to ensure that we have been able to 'endure' this half of the competition in a good way.

Are all problems now solved? No! We still lack room space and trainers who guarantee each team their own training.
We are still looking for parents (or older youth), who can support the trainers in providing the training sessions, for a number of teams. Not every team has a coach (to be supplied by the parents) and point of contact regarding competition matters.<BR>
But we now have the chance to adjust a number of things during the Christmas holidays and before the start of the second half of the competition and (hopefully) provide more structure and clarity for everyone and therefore fun.

Only a few shifts in team format will take place, about which the players have already been informed individually. Unfortunately, there are still some decisions to be made, so publishing these new team formats at this time can only cause confusion. We will provide more clarity about this as soon as possible!

What we can already share? We enter the second half of the season with:

3 MA teams
3 MB teams (now 2)
4 MC teams (now 2)
1 JB team
1 JC team

It remains for us, as the Youth Committee, to wish everyone a very happy holiday and a good start to 2023!

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