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Heren 3 picks up the thread again…

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After a longer time when the competition was suspended

Heren 3 is playing matches again. Unfortunately, the results are a bit disappointing…. There are a million excuses for that. The fact is that we are dealing with some setbacks. Where we started the season with 10 players, 6 dropouts have been recorded over time. Fortunately, we can often count on the efforts of players from the other teams. And we look forward to the return of our temporary dropouts.

In addition to the sporting achievements, we especially like to have a thorough evaluation take place after the matches. For some reason all excuses are quickly dismissed and we could have “just” won or in the worst case played a much better game.

While Heren 3 often ensures a good occupation of the bar of the Nieuwe Bankrashal, nowadays we often see other teams that contribute to the conviviality and therefore to the feeling of association. Kudos!! That immediately gives me the opportunity to compliment the bar committee. They make sure that there is enough stock!

On March 10, Heren 3 will play its next home game. Come and cheer us on, we really need it! Then we can include your vision in the evaluation after the competition. I am curious if we will arrive at different achievements and other insights.

See you soon!
Bjorn Ottenhof

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