Protocol indoor volleyball AMVJ-Martinus, Nieuwe Bankrashal and Meerkamp in Amstelveen as of September 25, 2021


Our national volleyball association the Nevobo has a protocol for indoor volleyball on its website. The relevant parts for our club have been copied and translated here, with some specific additions.

Spectators at our matches
At our (amateur) matches spectators are allowed. Spectators sit on the tribune.

Duties in the sports hall = Corona coordinator
The team on duty in the hall acts as Corona coordinator.
  • Check whether there is enough disinfectant available for players, staff and spectators.
  • Organize the flows of players and spectators so that different groups encounter each other as little as possible.
  • Make sure that teams and officials are received by the corona coordinator upon arrival at the sports facility for a match and are informed about the club's protocol and routing.
Guidelines for all present in the hall
Coordination of disinfectants

Corona contamination within the team or club

If someone from the club is tested positive for the corona virus, the valid guidelines from the government apply.

The normal rules during the match for substituting a player who is diseased or injured, will remain valid.

Sports bar Nieuwe Bankrashal
Corona protocol Sportsbar Nieuwe Bankrashal
If something is unclear because in the sportsbar guidelines that you are used to, there is something different than in this corona protocol: please stick to the instructions in this document.

General rules:
  • If you have a cold or flu: stay at home.
  • Point out to each other if the rules are not followed.
  • If visitors older than 12 years drink or eat in the sportsbar, their Corona ToegangsBewijs and identity have to be checked bij the bar staff on duty.
Rules for members and guests:
  • Answer "health check" questions asked at the entrance.
    • If you have to answer "yes/ja" to one of the questions we can unfortunately not allow you to enter.  
  • Use the disinfection gel provided upon entry.
  • Pay as much as possible contactless. Cash is not accepted.
  • Let 1 person of the team place the order and not the whole group.
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